Licensed nail tech and owner of Erica’s ATA. Her passion for education and vision to see people live their best lives birthed Inner Beauty Growth! After teaching many technical workshops, she continually noticed the despair and burnout the participants were feeling.

How could she not respond when she saw hurting hearts time after time? The reality is, beauty professionals have not been equipped with the emotional wellness tools to navigate all that their clients bring to them. Erica wanted to create something meaningful that would not just fill the void but would empower and make a generational, long-lasting impact.

She is passionate about:

  • Cheering people on as they work to improve themselves
  • Encouraging people to not just live life but thrive
  • Lover and believer in the Enneagram to better herself and appreciate others for who they are (She is a strong 8!)


A member of Erica’s ATA since birth, she officially became the Creative Director of the company in 2016. After she graduated from Ohio State University, she has worn many hats, including animator for the courses you see on Inner Beauty Growth!

She has seen the need for emotional health for beauty professionals in her interactions on social media, trade shows and other opportunities throughout the company. April enjoys helping people grow while incorporating fun!

She is passionate about:

  • Seeing teams find ways to work together effectively
  • Community and seeing others share their strengths with one another
  • Others being educated and understanding tools, techniques and technology in a creative way
  • Investing in her own growth with the Enneagram as a type 9, our peaceful and flexible team member!
April Forrest


Your Coach joined Erica’s ATA on March 3, 2020 on the brink of a pandemic after working for a mental health agency in Nashville, TN for close to 10 years.

Kate was brought onto the team with the intention of her role offering guidance and support to provide tools and resources to encourage emotional wellness in the beauty industry. She is trained in developing employees, improving team culture and overall communication.

She is passionate about:

  • Seeing people move towards action and change
  • Helping others become their best selves
  • Building effective teams
  • Motivating others to reach their goals and fullest potential
  • Using the Enneagram as a tool for individuals and teams to grow and learn (She is a 2w3!)


Zak joined Erica’s ATA in May of 2021 as the Multimedia Creative Specialist. It has been his mission to create visually engaging content that will help to impact you & your business.

He specializes in both videography & motion graphics and has loved getting to use both to convey this incredibly valuable content.

He is passionate about:
  • Capturing high quality film & matching it with visually engaging animations
  • Visually providing encouragement and positive resources in a creative way
  • Living his Enneagram 9 life and spreading the peace
  • The power found in a quality cup of coffee to help increase productivity & happiness

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