What is Inner Beauty Growth?

We help beauty professionals thrive in their work and personal lives. Become a certified Inner Beauty Growth Professional with online courses and coaching and experience growth and transformation!

What is Coaching With Care?

Our coaches help you grow and balance your overall wellness. We often put our clients ahead of us and are unsure how to get back on track of a balanced life. Let us help you get back to thriving!

If you are a manager, owner or leader in your team, we have tailored leadership training for you. We help leaders and teams work better and more efficiently, all within a healthy team culture.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is an opportunity for true, whole self growth. Knowing what areas you need improvement in and creating goals to overcome barriers is hard. We get it. Let our coaches be the support you've been looking for.

What commitment do these programs require?

Complete the online courses at your own pace. The only commitment we require is your time and investment in yourself. As much as you put into the modules and session(s), the more you will get out of it. You can choose to do coaching in single sessions of an hour long or a package of up to 6 sessions. You also have this opportunity with the online courses. You can complete them at your own pace and can invest in a basic or advanced certification and can even choose one or two modules to complete.
You are worth the time and effort.

What is the price?

  • Professional Certification (Complete 5 out of 10 courses): $150
  • Advanced Certification (Complete all 10 courses): $300
  • Individual courses: $40 per course