Available to all, our coaching sessions are led by a certified coach, and overseen by our very own Coach Kate.

Individual Coaching

Start living the life you crave! Reach your highest potential and become 'unstuck.' Our one-on-one sessions with certified coaches will guide you where you want- and need- to go.
Coach Kate sitting at desk in an all white office with a cup of coffee and a laptop smiline.

Team Coaching

You see your co-workers more than your family so why wouldn't you want to work in a harmonious environment? We are bound to run into tension, conflict and issues at some point- and that's ok! Our coaches will help you deal with these issues head-on and come up with a strategic plan that works. We offer team coaching sessions and education to move towards growth together. Inquire to learn more about our team-focused coaching.
Team Coaching by inner Beauty growth. Erica Schlabach and Coach Kate looking at lap top computer and smiling.

Using Enneagram As A Guide

Our certified Enneagram coach will guide you in learning about your type, how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, strengthen relationships with both yourself and others, and how to thrive in your business.
Erica Schlabach holding number 8 sign to represent type 8 personality on the enneagram scale.

“It was very easy to get through and I learned helpful tips. As I was watching, a few people popped in my head that I got excited to share these tips with!

Erin - Nail Tech

“I could’ve really used these as a beginner nail tech many years ago. I really liked the examples of how to respond. Sometimes I know what I want to say, but find it hard to articulate.”

Anna, Esthetician/Nail Tech - @thepolishedpinkie

“Loved the diverse characters. The order of the training was appropriate. The presenter’s voice was well paced and had a great tone.”

Angela, Nail Tech/Educator - @naturallynailed_dmv_llc

“I have grown so much as a leader, a friend, a mom and a wife! You’ve helped me in more ways than you’ll ever know and I will always be so thankful.❤️”

Ashley, Nail Tech - @embellished_

“I loved how comfortable Kate made me feel right off the bat with my first session! I went into it thinking “eh I don’t know if I really NEED this.” I quickly learned that heck yeah, I need this! Kate is very approachable & makes you feel like you’re just chatting with a friend. It’s a very low pressure setting so that took a lot of anxiety off my shoulders & I came back to my 2nd session ready to tackle my goals.”

Taylor, Nail Tech - @Taylor_salon304

“We loved learning our Enneagram type! It truly has helped us as a salon team to understand how we all think and respond to certain situations. Knowing our Enneagram has really allowed us to dissect a little bit more into ourselves. Knowing that we can work towards being a “healthy version” of our number is refreshing and doing it together as a team has really brought a sense of togetherness.”

Ellav8te Salon, Samia - @ellav8tesalon

“The modules covered a wide variety of topics. They shared a lot of valuable and practical advice on how to deal with common problems that we all face in this industry.”

Rebeka, Nail Tech - @nailedbyrebeka

Tomorrow you'll wish you had started today.